I’m working on a mastering project today. Did a little more fine tuning of the room and I think I’ve got that 50(ish)hz null under control.  Anyway…

It’s a friend… It’s a secret… It’s his best work.

More later.

Here is a image of a compressor plug-in meant to convey the idea of mastering.




Secret stuff…

Scott Campbell laid down some drums for Lenny Zenith today at Seaside Lounge.
It’s a cover.
It’s secret.

I tried out the new Warm Audio WA-47 as a mono room mic and so far… I’m impressed.

Stay tuned…

New toy for the Whelping Box.

I was actually going to build one of these. But the WA47 uses mostly the same parts I was going to, plus, it’s done, with a warrantee, and cheaper by about 200 beans.

Cat added for scale.

Come sing into it (the mic, not the cat).


I have the honor once again of paying with D.B. Rielly at the (Spring) Albino Skunk Music Festival in Greer, SC.

A finer, more hospitable bunch of beautiful freaks you’ll never find.

A panorama of the beautiful mayhem.

Last night’s show was a hoot in a holler and this afternoon’s should prove to be more of the same.

New bands, new friends, and the best fried softshell crab sandwich I’ve had in a long while.

Friggin’ wires man…

Well, the cabling I ordered arrived a few days ago so I spent today un-cabling all the temporary stuff and re-cabling in the final configuration.

My body aches, the studio is a damned mess, but it’s (electronically) fully functional!