Places I Work

Here’s a few places I work on a regular basis.  However, variety is the spice of life so… I can work wherever you want.


The End Studio


Seaside Lounge


The Whelping Box Studio

>>> Stay tuned for some announcements here… the studio is being reborn! <<<

The Whelping Box is my home studio.  It’s a (very) cozy spot to nurture nascent ideas.  I mix a lot here and do some overdubs although, I have done whole recordings here as well.  It started as a way to allow me to mix in my pajamas.  It’s also a way to get bands some more mix/overdub time for their money.  Nothing sucks more than trying to be creative and work stuff out while watching the clock.

The rundown:

  • Protools 11, Plugins by Waves, SoundToys, Kush Audio, Abbey Road, Plugin Alliance and Softube.
  • Dynaudio and Auratone-esque (Behritone) monitors, Dangerous Monitor ST.
  • Rupert Neve, Classic Audio Products of Illinois and Universal Audio and Hamptone Mic Pre-amplifiers.
  • Rupert Neve and Crane Song tube EQ’s
  • A handful of nice mics including a vintage AKG C 414 B – ULS, Bock Audio iFet, Royer 121, Sennheiser 441, Placid Audio Carbonphone, EV 635A, etc…
  • Lynx Aurora 16 converter
  • Rascal Audio Analogue Tonebuss
  • API 2500 Buss Compressor
  • 1960’s Ampeg SB-12, 1967 Gibson GA-5 Skylark, and Mesa Boogie Studio .22+ amps.
  • Moog SubPhatty, Microkorg, Casio SK-1, etc.
  • An ever changing collection of great basses and guitars.