Through the listening glass.

I’m slowly getting back into this audio business.
This weekend I got to spend some more time working on the new Tenterhooks record, this time on the other side of the glass.


With the intrepid Ray Ketchem (Elk City) at the helm of his new shop in Montclair, NJ, I did a full day of bass and an afternoon of singing with the amazingly talented Renee Lobue (also of Elk City).


Lenny Zenith (Jennifer Convertible, Without Misty, Minor Planets…) cut almost an albums worth of lead vocals and Karl (also of Elk City) put down some inspired piano, synth, and some damn fine bleeps and bloops!


Also there was pizza.


Been a while…

I’ve not posted in a while.  Sometimes life get’s in the way of art and in those situations, you look at your priorities with a very critical eye and you do the right thing.

But, life goes on.

I recorded some vocals with Bob Gaulke and Vanessa Gray back in May of 2016 at the now defunct TheEndNYC.

And here is the fruit of my (and many others’) labors.  Very proud to have played a part.



Tracking the next Tenterhooks record.

Spent the weekend tracking drums for the next Tenterhooks record at Seaside Lounge here in Brooklyn.

Here’s a few picks…

The U67(ish) mics I built performed admirably as overheads.




The Royer 121 and the Placid Audio Carbonphone adding some front of kit flavor.


Friggen wires man…IMG_20160611_172722


It’s not my MTR90… but it does have 16 track heads, so… drums, yeah.



Scott likes the pretty lights on the remote. I don’t blame him.


Whaddaya know… I’m an engineer!

Been a while but it was good to get back behind the console at TheEndNYC for an afternoon of tracking and mixing (I’m sporting the green hat).  (Even the editing was fun).

Here we see the ever talented Vanessa Gray (Fluffer, Ornamental, Mercury Rev) cutting the loveliest of background vocals for Robert Gaulke’s weird and wonderful song “You’re On My Money”… which I can’t play for you yet.

I also finally got to test the D67 mics I’ve been working on forever (not pictured).  They were not right for Vanessa’s voice but they downright shined on Robert’s lead vocals I’m happy to say.

JP at the helm


Did I mention that I play the bass?

Very proud to say that I’m part of yet another spectacular album!!!

The fourth in the… eh… tetrology I guess called “Dogs Of Bushwick” by the chamber pop juggernauts, The Sharp Things.

The album is “EverybodyEverybody”.

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp… blah blah blah.

Have a listen:

Tubes in and testing!!!

Tube is in (the cheap tube you use to test voltages – I’ll put the pricey ones in later after the house has not burned down).

No funny blue smoke, voltages look good.  Now we just put the bodies back on and test the audio.

IMG_20160126_155222 IMG_20160124_162947 IMG_20160126_155222