Long overdue upgrades…

Finished the long term project I was working on (more on that later).

Taking this self isolation time to get a few things done.

  • New SSD drive for the shop Mac (less noise, less heat)
  • Upgrading OS
  • Upgrading Protools to resolve a midi issue (in record mode midi often does not acknowledge the release of the sustain pedal)
  • New air purifier!!!
  • Oh and…


Analog… again

Well… The Whelping Box is an analog shop again!!!

I pulled Fake Brain’s old 8 track out from under my friend’s stairs and had Bob Shuster clean it up.  It’s in remarkably good shape considering what we used to put it through.

The 2ch I bought and it’s also in great shape (although it’s calibrated at +9 s0 I’ll need to deal with that).



Kindling For The Fire

I have not thought about this record in a long while.

In 2005 a fellow engineer, Andrew Solin, referred Katie to me as he was busy.

Katie and I and her band holed up in a soon to be torn down, once lived in by Orson Welles, 200 yards from Bjork’s house old bungalow on the Hudson and recorded this record.

In reality I was more of an assistant engineer to Riley McMahon, but it was good work, a great record came of it and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I wore a gnome hat for most of it.

Kindling For The Fire by Katie Elevitch

Boys Keep Swinging…

Lenny’s secret is out!!!

40 years ago to the day after Bowie’s release of “Boys Keep Swingin” Lenny Zenith covers this classic!

I’m proud to have recorded and mixed it (at Seaside Lounge and The Whelping Box) and to have played bass, guitar and sang on it.


We are supporting the fight to erase gender inequality for trans, non-binary, intersex and CIS people.
More here: xyyxrecords.com/music-video

Lost in Space…

So Lenny Zenith teamed up with The Revolver, a young DJ from Mumbai, and the result is this.

Vocals by your humble recordist… me.

Available on iTunes, Google, Amazon, etc.!

(this is not the super secret project)