Secret stuff…

Scott Campbell laid down some drums for Lenny Zenith today at Seaside Lounge.
It’s a cover.
It’s secret.

I tried out the new Warm Audio WA-47 as a mono room mic and so far… I’m impressed.

Stay tuned…

New toy for the Whelping Box.

I was actually going to build one of these. But the WA47 uses mostly the same parts I was going to, plus, it’s done, with a warrantee, and cheaper by about 200 beans.

Cat added for scale.

Come sing into it (the mic, not the cat).


I have the honor once again of paying with D.B. Rielly at the (Spring) Albino Skunk Music Festival in Greer, SC.

A finer, more hospitable bunch of beautiful freaks you’ll never find.

A panorama of the beautiful mayhem.

Last night’s show was a hoot in a holler and this afternoon’s should prove to be more of the same.

New bands, new friends, and the best fried softshell crab sandwich I’ve had in a long while.

Friggin’ wires man…

Well, the cabling I ordered arrived a few days ago so I spent today un-cabling all the temporary stuff and re-cabling in the final configuration.

My body aches, the studio is a damned mess, but it’s (electronically) fully functional!






Not in my own in shop today. I’m at Ray Ketchem’s Magic Door working on mixing the new Lenny Zenith/tenterhooks record!!!

Here’s Ray at the helm… I’m just shouting “more bass” at him all day.

Some new sounds…

A while back I recorded and mixed “Live From Long Island City” for D.B. Rielly, an amazing songwriter who I am and honored to play bass for and proud to call my friend. I’m happy to say it’s getting some good press around the globe, and now you can buy it on

  • The Very Best of 2017 – “Texas Renegade Radio” on KNON 89.3 in Dallas, Texas
  • #6 TOP CD for 2017 – Fred Smith’s “Hardcore Country” on CHRW 94.9FM in Ontario, Canada
  • Best of 2017 – “Folk and Roots with DJ Colin Fielding” on 96.5 InnerFM Radio in Melbourne, Australia
  • Best of 2017 (Honorable Mention) – The Daily Vault, California
  • #1 Album of the Month – Fred Smith’s “Hardcore Country” on CHRW 94.9FM in Ontario, Canada
  • #1 Album of the Month – “Texas Renegade Radio” on KNON 89.3 in Dallas, Texas
  • #11 Album of the Month – Freeform American Roots (Texas)
  • #67 Top Album of the Month – FOLKDJ-L chart (New York)